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About Noizee

At Noizee, our aim is to empower everyone to feel safe and be confident through the use of our products.


Noizee was founded in London during 2019. 

After a friend was attacked on her way home from work in Finsbury Park and I begun to hear more similar stories popping up from friends at the park and on runs, my thoughts shifted from "that won't happen to me" to "how do I make sure it doesn't?".

Enter research mode. Living in London it made me sick to learn that each month there are over 8,000 reported cases of harassment, 5,000 reported cases of common assault and 650 reported cases of rape. You can easily search for your local assault statistics by entering your city's name, the crime and "statistics" E.g. "Sydney Harassment Statistics".

If those stats aren't frightening enough, in most countries, it's illegal to carry pepper spray and other weapons to use in self-defence. Not only is it illegal, if you use them you could be in even more trouble. These tools are also often bulky and not exactly inconspicuous.

Noizee was brought to market to help deter attackers through ear piercing noise. It's as load as a jet engine (120db) and considering jet's don't typically land on streets, completely unexpected.

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