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Q. Can the Noizee alarm be activated by accident?

The cord on your Noizee requires pressure to be pulled out and alarm to be activated, so unless you want to pull it out, it wont just fall out.


Q. How long does the Noizee take to be delivered?

We work with international suppliers to source high quality products. Our suppliers typically ship items within one to five days of receiving an order. From that point, it takes 10-20 days for items to arrive. 


Q. Which batteries does the Noizee take?

The Noizee takes a 23A 12V battery, similar to a door bell or car alarm battery. One will already be in your Noizee.


Q. How long will the Noizee battery last?

The standby time is energy efficient and your battery should last at least 2 months, however it is recommended to test your Noizee every few weeks just to be sure.


Q. Can I take the Noizee out when I run?


Absolutely you should! The Noizee can be held in your hand, fitted to your arm band or placed in your pocket for if/when you need it. The Noize is sure to deter any attacker and bring enough attention to your direction.


Q. Is the Noizee legal?


Yes indeed it is! carrying a knife or pepper spray can actually be more dangerous than beneficial and they're also classified as Class A weapons. The Noizee will give you peace of mind without any of the headache.


Q. Is the Noizee appropriate for children or my Grandma?

The Noizee is designed for everyone, it’s highly recommended for children walking to and from school on their own and the elderly living at home on their own. The sound alerts those around the person in danger helping them get assistance faster.